Preaching Minister: Dennis Jones

Youth Minister:

Our Spiritual Shepherds

Eddie Taylor


Eddie and his wife Diane are some of the most genuine and caring members in our church family. Eddie became an elder May of 2016. He is retired from the railroad. 

Tim Balentine


Tim has been a shepherd at Shoals Church the longest and has served our congregation with his family for years. He works for Fennel Farms in Leighton, Alabama.

Roger Henry


Roger has been with Shoals from the very beginning. He takes initiative and has a giving heart of a pastor. Roger and his wife Vicki own Roger Henry Insurance in Muscle Shoals. 

Ministry Leaders

Rickey Longcrier: Secretary and General Planning Team


This ministry includes planning for our normal events throughout the year, such as: homecoming, friends and family day, fall festival, Christmas program, back to school gathering, etc. We have an event almost every month. Some are small, like a cookout. Others require more planning. We all should be involved with helping the church grow close to each other as a community and as a family. The first century church accomplished this by having various gatherings together. Sometimes this was for holidays, sometimes it was just a random time of the year. They made a point to have true community!

John Swim: Community Outreach Team


This ministry includes working with John Swim to come up with ways in which we can use our BWC (Because We Care) funds and use them wisely. Jobs include: Coming up with outreach events, looking for children or families who are struggling and helping them, etc. 

Scripture clearly teaches that we all should be involved with helping others, but for some, this might be a real passion. We want to utilize our God-given gifts to help in areas such as this one. We want to make a difference!

Louie Hipps: Meeting and Greeting Team


This ministry includes going the extra mile to welcome and encourage both members and (especially) guests. Those on this team will take turns each week handing out the bulletin at the door in order to make sure everyone is welcomed. They will also point guests to others who are on the team who can introduce them to members and help them get seated and feel at home. 

It is necessary for our members and especially our guests to feel wanted and at home when they enter our doors. This group greets both the members and the visitors, gives everyone a bulletin, shows guests where our facilities are, and then introduce them to other members.

Bud Waters: Book-keeping and Church Law


While the church is a family spiritually and socially, it is, in some ways, a corporation. Don't be frightened by this term. After all, it just simply means "body." The church is a spiritual body, but legally, each congregation is also considered an official body (corporation) by the government. 

This means that their are laws and regulations we must follow so long as they do not offend the message of the Gospel. Paul says in Romans 13 to obey the governing authorities. Bud Waters keeps himself updated on church law and book-keeping so that we can continue to enjoy the privileges we are blessed with here! 


Worship Minister: Dustin Bulman

Dustin Joined our ministry as a worship minister October 2017. He leads us in song and praise. He also trains our praise team each week. He has a beautiful voice and a beautiful heart for praising our Lord. The Shoals Church family considers itself fortunate to have Dustin on our team and in our congregation!