About Us


Our Expectations

Come as you are! Many of us come from broken hearts, churches, lives, and families. Because of this, we refuse to be just another business. We choose to be a family who accept others where they are. So If you are poor, sad, weak, sinful, lonely or broken in any way, come as you are! We will love you and show you the love of Jesus. The love that brought healing to our own lives!


Our Mission

Our Mission at Shoals Church is to live conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, love others in His name, and lift Him up before a lost and Fatherless world (Rom. 8:28-29).


Our Church Family

We are a group of believers in Jesus Christ and we make an effort to live as He lived, and love how He loved. Although we strive to be nondenominational, we are made up of Christians from various denominational backgrounds and points of views on certain issues. We find unity by the Gospel, not by uniformity. We started in May 1992 for that very reason, to avoid unbiblical division. 

That said, we make it a priority at our congregation to be the family of God first, and theologians second, focusing on Christ and Him crucified. A judgmental and harsh attitude towards people of different backgrounds and opinions is highly discouraged in our family. Yes, we are humans and therefore imperfect in action and in knowledge, but we practice patience and forgiveness to the best of our ability. 

We have several things we do to give you opportunities to grow close to God and to our family. Some of these things include small group devotionals in members homes, frequent meals at the building, going out for days of fun, and more!

We hope that you visit, see the uniqueness in our family, and join in! We would love to know you on a deeper level!

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